Oxycodone Withdrawal

Oxycodone is a semi-synthetic opioid used to treat moderate to severe pain. The drug is known to be very addictive and is widely abused by recreational drug users. Withdrawal symptoms from oxycodone can be extremely difficult to deal with for those trying to come off the drug.

Oxycodone withdrawal symptoms range from the basic chills, nausea, and diarrhea to more severe withdrawals such as seizures. These symptoms can last from days to months depending on the person and how long he/she used oxycodone. There are numerous ways a person can overcome the effects of oxycodone withdrawals including rehab, medicines, and pure will power.

Whatever method a person chooses to use to overcome oxycodone withdrawals they must have a strong support system in place to fully recover from their addiction. Without the support of family and friends an addict will struggle to regain control of their life. Below is short summary of the ways an addict can deal with oxycodone withdrawals and abuse.


With the widespread abuse of oxycodone various rehab methods are now available specifically for those addicted to painkillers such as oxycodone. Rehab centers are available for both in-patient and out patient care. Most rehab care centers will focus on both the mental and physical effects of oxycodone withdrawals.

In many cases it’s easier for the addict to get over the physical side effects than it to get over the mental side effects of drug abuse. Attending a drug rehab facility is the best method to overcome oxycodone addiction for some people.

Treatment With Other Medicines:

A popular way for many to overcome oxycodone withdrawals and addiction is through the use of a medicine regiment overseen by a doctor. The two most popular prescribed treatments for oxycodone withdrawals are methadone and suboxone.

Methadone clinics were first started to help heroin addicts with their addictions and the drug has since also been found useful in helping those addicted to oxycodone and other painkillers. Critics of methadone treatment say it is simply trading one addiction for another as many people become addicted to methadone during treatment and find it difficult to overcome the addiction.

Suboxone is another drug which has become popular in recent years to treat painkiller addiction. Suboxone is considered by most to be a better alternative to methadone for those using this type of treatment for oxycodone withdrawal.

The real key for anyone using either methadone or suboxone is they must really want to stop their painkiller abuse. If not you could actually be trading your addiction to oxycodone, vicodin, or other pills for an addiction to methadone or subxone.

Overcoming Oxycodone Withdrawals and Addiction Via Will Power:

One last option well mentioned which is often tried but rarely successful is overcoming an addiction to oxycodone through pure will power. As human beings our minds are usually stronger than we sometimes realize, however, once a person has battled an addiction to oxycodone the power of the drug and the effects of the withdrawal symptoms can greatly reduce our own will power.

With these things in mind it is possible under the right conditions for a person to beat oxycodone addiction through the power of the mind, spirituality and support from family and friends. This method will usually require some lifestyle changes as the addict will need to distance themselves from others whom they’ve used drugs with in the past.

As always we recommend each individual seek advice from a licensed doctor or drug counselor to determine which method is best to deal with oxycodone withdrawals and addiction to painkillers. For some a stay at a drug rehab center is not possible while for others this my be the only way they can stop abusing painkillers. More mature addicts may respond well to a medicine regimen such as suboxone while still others may beat the odds and overcome their addiction through will power and family support.

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